Zincite that most people are familiar with, was said to have been grown by accident in the smoke stack of a manufacturing facility of zinc-based paint in Poland. It is Zinc Oxide and the zinc that had become gaseous during the manufacturing process combined with oxygen and cooled, formed brightly colored, mostly orange, red and yellow crystals within the smoke stack


Zincite is also found naturally at several localities around the world; and is rare and inconspicuous at all but one general site. That site is the famous zinc and manganese mines of the Sterling Hill and Franklin, New Jersey, USA area.


This stone dissolves energy blocks by bringing together our person power, physical energy and creativity.  It helps to attract people of like interests and encourages relationships.  Can help to improve hair and skin condition, prostrate disorders and aids purification.

Zincite - Poland

  • Height - 11cm

    Width - 7cm