Lotus Crystals as a company was started in 1996. It came about quite by chance – or is anything by chance? As most businesses do, it began in a small way taking our minerals and crystals to house parties and small exhibitions, but at the end of three years it was obvious we urgently needed premises – and so – we opened our shop in Galston, Scotland. Galston The Historic Heart of Ayrshire is an ancient town with many historic associations and is also the location of the Burnawn Agate.

The choice of our logo was inspired by a book called The Jewel In The Lotus written by Grace Cooke. The original artwork was a pastel drawing created by the son of a close friend and we subsequently discovered that the jewel in the heart of the lotus was also loosely the English translation of Om Mani Padme Hum, a Tibetan prayer to the bodhisatva of compassion.

The passion we have for the minerals and crystals in our care does stem from the fact that we at Lotus Crystals are all complementary therapists and crystal therapy is amongst the therapies that we practice. We care about healing not only humanity but also the planet and every creation upon it. Our crystals are chosen with great care and are ethically sourced from one of the four UK based suppliers that we have been working with for well over two decades.

We take pride in selecting crystals that are energetic, the best specimens available that we can offer to the collector, therapist, geologist and enthusiast at the best possible prices. Although we do not have a background in geology, we do offer information and advice based on years of knowledge and experience. As you will see from the minerals and crystals available on our site, we stock a very large range of tumbled stones, the more readily available minerals and also a large range of unusual and rare minerals and crystals. We are happy to offer information and advice and to do our utmost to source any mineral or crystal that you may be looking for.