This is more rare and less available than diamond, as it originated from outer space.  It symbolises strength and can be used for aligning the subtle bodies.  It contains knowledge of other worlds which may be relevant to ones specific needs.  It balances the physical and spiritual bodies and can be used in the treatment of anaemia, muscular atrophy, sore throats and can help strengthen the reproductive system.




Jasper is a fine grained quartz containing a vast variety of other minerals.  These other minerals determine the different “jaspers”.  Jasper is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra and is a valuable aid when one is attempting “astral travel”.  It is a stone of supreme protection on all levels.  Can help balance the body’s energy system and sustain one during periods of illness.  Jasper can soothe the nerves and be used in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the internal organs.  Can also help balance the body’s mineral content. 

Jasper & Smokey Topaz Pendant

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