The “Attunement Stone” allowing us to adjust to our surroundings and people.  It can heighten awareness and help us recognise and connect with our inner spirit.  Helps release fears and repressed feelings allowing the body’s energy to flow freely again.  Stimulates clairvoyant, clairaudient and telepathic abilities.  Can help to protect against radiation when carried.  Aids in dispersion of body toxins and aligns the body’s energy flow reducing tension bringing calmness.




‘Starseed of Transformation’, and never needs cleansing.  Landed on earth 14.8 million years ago in Czech Republic.  Opens and clears all chakras, stimulates heart and higher chakras.  Aids dreamwork and alignment with higher self.  Avery powerful magnifier of energy, speeding our spiritual evolution and should be used with caution.  Brings clarity between our consciousness and higher conscious planes.  Aids channelling, a protective stone and a good meditation stone.

Moldavite & Herkimer Pendant with 18" Chain

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